Updated Classics: The New Wave of Timeless to Refresh Your Wardrobe

We all have our closet classics. The go-tos that never fail you. Season after season these tried and true friends continue to outlast trends and fads. But, have you ever felt like some of those classics were looking a little tired?

Don’t pack them up for Goodwill just yet, they truly are timeless, but there is new wave of smart buys that have proven themselves amongst the fashion set. Let’s take the skinny jean for example. For decades it has reigned supreme, but we have been seeing a shift towards vintage styles like the straight leg and cropped flares. The ubiquitous white button up, a steady power player, has been swapped for a deconstructed version. Full sleeves, off the shoulder detailing, and unexpected hemlines have brought new life into the starched staple.

Don’t call blasphemy just yet, I am all about that cost per wear calculation. Classics truly are the building blocks to any a-game wardrobe, but let’s keep that foundation strong with a fresh eye. I promise with a few tweaks you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without these pieces hanging in your closet.

White Shirt / Cropped Flare Jeans / Mules / Sunglasses



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