Twice as Nice: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to the Matching Set

While I wish I could tell you I ooze pure genius and creativity each morning while dressing for the day, it is more like a mad scramble to find something clean, steamed, and lacking dog hair. And you know what? Some mornings I think I deserve a trophy just for getting out the door. So what does a fashion girl do on such days? Enter the two-piece set.

You can hit the snooze button one more time when you know there is an instant outfit hanging in your closet. The matching set delivers total chicness and sophistication with literally zero effort. Lazy fashion girls unite! Just throw the set on with a statement earring and a killer boot and you are one and done.

For my fellow penny pinchers out there, you can also justify this purchase because it’s basically 3 outfits in one. Pair the bottom with a white tee and leather jacket or the top with denim and an of-the-moment shoe. Boom roasted. If you’re not sold now, then girlfriend, you do that fashion walk of shame alone.

Shop my set picks below and report back on all the compliments that flood in!

Plaid Top / Plaid Skirt / Leather Jacket / Sock Bootie / Sunglasses 





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