Totally Tonal: The Head-to-Toe Trend that’s Redefining Color

It’s time to clean up your act. Instantly add sophistication and utter chicness to your look with head-to-toe monochrome.

Whether it’s top-to-bottom boldness in red or yellow, or classic neutrals in grey or tan, an uninterrupted line of a single color elongates your silhouette. Magically taller and slimmer without the self-discipline? That’s my kind of diet.

Here are a few tonal tips to keep your look in check:

  • It’s all in the layering. Style a mix of heavy and light fabrics, as well as a textures to create interest.
  • Choose clean, modern silhouettes to keep the look elevated.
  • Keep accessories to a minimum. Let the color (or lack thereof) do the talking.

Now, the next time someone calls you tone deaf, take it as a compliment.

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