The Boot Tuck: How to Style your Pants in 2019 Without Looking like MC Hammer

At first glance, the boot tuck trend that has been resurfacing on the runway and the streets brought back visions of Troop Beverly Hills, Hampton-lazing equestrian riders, and MC hammer. Take your pick. But as I have spent more time researching the trend, it surprisingly has really grown on me for one simple reason: versatility.

Gone are the days where the skinny jean comprised most of our closets. It seemed almost every outfit recipe began and ended with a tapered hem and ankle boot. But, now that mom jeans have moved to the top of the pile, shoe decisions take a bit more forethought and inspiration. Is the pant too cropped? Boot too tall? Denim too baggy? Is this wildly unflattering?

If another equation to solve has got you shook, have no fear. The added option of the boot tuck is only going to simplify your life and breathe more depth into your pant and shoe collection.

If Tibi, The Row, Zimmerman, Armani, and Ferragamo can get on board, you can too.

Scroll on for styling tips and street style inspiration to master the boot tuck. Hashtag New Pant, New Me.


Nothing will take fearless fashion warrior out of your vocabulary, like your pant coming out of your boot with every step.

• Tuck your pants into your socks to secure
• Or, use a loose rubber band to keep your pants in check
• Once your pants are in your boot, loosen up the fabric so it billows around the boot. We are not going for stirrup pant vibes on this trend. The volume will give the look intentionality, instead of, “I overslept and got dressed in the dark in 0.5 seconds.”
• Style with more structured pieces like a blazer, starchy top, or a tucked in sweater. This will balance the volume and keep you looking sharp.
• Cowboy boots are the perfect way to test out the trend. The silhouette is of-the-moment, and the shaft width will give enough room to actually fit the bottom of your pants.

Blazer / White Tee / Trouser Pant / Cowboy Boots / Sunglasses / Rings




4. 80’s CHINOS


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