Suit Up: Your Fall 2017 Wardrobe Just Got Promoted

Fall 2017 is the season of the suit. No matter which direction you look, you’ll find a runway with an iteration of the power suit. We know Hilary Clinton is on board, but power dressing is not only reserved for the c-suite and Capitol Hill.

Designers, like Tibi and Stella McCartney, aligned with inflated shoulder pads and elongated hemlines, but abated this volume with skinny trousers and miniskirts. Alexander McQueen and Loewe sent slinky suiting down the catwalk, equal in volume, but with more relaxed, languid tailoring. The looks were fit for any night out, but at the same time could be paired with sneakers. That is the beauty of this trend: total versatility. These pieces can take you wherever your iCal demands with only accessory tweaks. Bonus round? Say goodbye to the daily drudgery of the morning conundrum—it’s an all in one outfit (think of the days of 2-in-1 shampoo). Throw it on with a crisp tee, airy button up, or bralette and you’re one and done.

So, suit up this season with a look that demands a second glance and respect (insert first pump emogie here).

Blazer / White Tee / Miniskirt / Sunglasses




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