Styling Hacks 101: How to Revamp the Wardrobe you Already Have

It’s the end of November, the calendar has read fall since September, trick-or-treaters have come and gone, yet the new fashion season seems to have just finally arrived. Even the thought of adding a layer to my slip dress these past 3 months would have catalyzed a heat stroke. But just as the leaves change each season, we can count on the fashion barometer to do the same.

Each Autumn promises a fresh batch of new trends – from color palettes, silhouettes, to textures. Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for all things new. But, before you break the bank, map out the key pieces you already own and see if revamping is possible with a couple styling hacks. It could be as simple as the way you layer a dress, drape a jacket, or style a basic tee. I have laid out my favorite layering techniques for minimum input and maximum output. Trust me, you will not only feel fresh to death, but will have a better idea of where to fill in the gaps with the season’s trends, instead of trying to navigate it all (i.e. broke, confused, and pulling a Joey Tribbiani).

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Top / Jeans / Sunglasses / Beret / Earrings / Rings


A slim turtleneck is the new must have. Layer under dresses, button ups, and blazers. It is an interesting mix between prep and 60s mod. Look for a piece with Viscose. It keeps its shape, doesn’t pill, and is thin enough to layer without looking like an Eskimo. My all-time favorite turtleneck is by Majestic Filatures.


Layer a corset or bra style tops over a white tee, button up, dress, or even a blazer. While initially you might think it is a little va-va-voom, the pairing of something as causal as a tee or as business-like as a starchy pinstripe makes it fash-ion.


You know that denim jacket you wore with everything this summer? Send it to the dry cleaner, and then style it in a fresh new way for fall. Wear a crew neck sweatshirt or nubby sweater with your denim tied across the Z access (high school math, anyone?). Another option is buttoning the jacket like a shirt, but in an abstract way. Button the second button into the collar button. If it looks like you got dressed in the dark, you are winning.




Take a white button down and pair it under a slip dress, let a longer hemline peek out from a sweater, oversized sleeves look fresh coming from a jacket, or layer under a blazer with a tee or turtleneck. You can basically do no wrong here.


Weather it’s a trench coat, puffer, or leather jacket, the off the shoulder shrug is still reigning strong. Basically, pull it off so it’s slouching down your back and only completely on your forearms. Or, wear it “half on, half off”, with one shoulder sort-of-on and one completely off. If you are wondering what’s the point of wearing a jacket, then you nailed it. If you’re cold, wear a blazer or denim jacket and have the other jacket hanging off. Jackets on jackets is another trend for 2018, so double whammy.


The easiest way to do this is with a midi to full length flowy dress and a pair of straight leg denim. It’s the perfect opportunity for extending the life of your summer frocks. An unfinished denim hemline and a simple heel keep the look elevated and unexpected. If you opt for a skirt, keep the top simple – basic sweater/tee/button up paired back to a blazer.


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