Just Frillin’: The Ruffled Skirt Your Closet Didn’t Know it was Missing

The frilled life is the best life this season. Whether cascading down skirts, spiraling the end of trousers, or snaking around asymmetrical tops, these architectural waves are making major splash on the fashion scene.

What was once considered gaudy or girly is now the cool kid on the block and needs a dedicated spot in your closet. The beauty of these over-the-top ruffles is they are basically outfits in themselves. Throw a furled pant or skirt on with a button up or white tee. If it’s a flounced top, pair with straight-legged jeans. The key is balancing the femininity with something masculine. It keeps the look relevant, effortless, and chic. It’s that easy, no frills here, people. And frankly, this trend is way to fun to pass you by.

So, let’s get ready to ruffle!

Jacket / T-shirt / Skirt / Sneakers / Sunglasses





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