Punked: 90s Grunge is Spring’s Comeback Kid

It’s official, you’ve been punked. Thought your 90s fashion decisions were buried in dusty yearbooks or your mom’s box of Kodak prints? Get ready for a full-blown grunge revival.

Take one look at the Spring 18 runways and you’ll think you’re with the cast of 90210. Plaids, fishnets, leopard, combat boots, the whole nine yards were ushered down the catwalk by trusted power players like Balenciaga, Prada, and Alturzarra.

If your punk days are reserved for teen rom-coms or your distant past, I hear you, but did a little nod to nostalgia hurt anyone? Here are some ways to gently indulge in the trend, add a mild dose of edge to your look, and up your cool factor amongst the office cubes:

1. Floral for spring? Groundbreaking, But, pair it with a combat boot and you have instantly transformed the look into something inspiring and fresh.

2. If you do not own a leather biker jacket, you literally are committing a fashion felony in my book. This one piece will radically transform your wardrobe.

3. An easy way to look like you know what you are doing in the fashion space is layering a white tee under a slip dress or silk spaghetti strap tank.

4. Own a pair of menswear loafers or mules? Pair a fishnet sock under those leather flats for an updated take on the trend.

5. Accessories are a non-committal way to toe-in. Try layered choker necklaces, a brown or burgundy lipstick, or oversized hoop earrings.

Let’s get punk-y and shop my picks below!

Leather Jacket / Floral Dress / Combat Boots / Sunglasses


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