Patchwork Denim: Your Ride or Die Staples Get an Update…Or Shall we Say Throwback

Nod to the 70s sure, but what really put patchwork denim on the map was Parisian design collective, Vetements. Taking street style by storm, these (prepare yourself) $1,500 jeans were seen on every fashion-it-girl known to man. Don’t freak out, I’m not asking you to drop that kind of dough on reworked denim. Designers, however, picked up what Vetements were putting down, and now there are a slew of amazing options at any price range.

While patchwork may seem like it’s not for the faint of heart, it’s quite wearable. Rock your inner retro vibe, style it with sneakers, or dress it up with an off the shoulder top for a nighttime look.  These reconstructed rags will take you anywhere.

Look for reshuffled back pockets, contrasting denim hues, exposed stitching, raw hemlines, and a classic silhouette. Basically, denim that looks like it was ripped apart and sewn back together. I know all the DIYers out there are cringing as they read this post, and I say, girlllll, respect. I, on the other hand, will be purchasing my denim obliteration.

Shop my faves below!

Jean Jacket / White Tee / Patchwork Denim / Sandals / Sunglasses




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