Mad Hatter: 11 Hat Brands You Need to Know & How to Wear Them

There are 2 types of people in the world. Hat people and non-hat people. I typically fall on the latter. (1) They give me a headache after a solid 45 minutes (2) Wearing them to work is a weird grey area (3) When I see a bad hat, I am struck with the sudden urge to get in the fetal position and cover my eyes. Why? Because your fedora belongs in one place. The trash can.

This leads me to my second point. I get the aforementioned hat dichotomy. It is so easy to do hats so wrong. But, when you do it right, you really do it right. Hats bring a subtle confidence, are truly the finishing (or starting) piece to an outfit, and are freaking all over Instagram with the fashion in-crowd. Honestly, it’s more of an effort to not join in on the fun than be a hat hater.

But, here is where the problem for me lies. Where to find them. Hats fall into the same category as sunglasses and bags. Quality (over quantity) matters. A cheap hat looks cheap, just as a fake leather bag, looks like a fake leather bag. So, I see these hats flooding Instagram, but do not know where the secret pot of (hat) gold lies. I did some recon and have listed not only the best of-the-moment hat brands, but the styles you need to add to your wardrobe. Commit to one and let me know what happens.

Top / Denim / Hat







The Classic Boater



You cannot go wrong with the wide brim hat – it is basically fail proof. Just keep the brim stiff (no J-Lo flop here). The typical boater comes with a thick ribbon around the base. I personally think you should invest in one without – or keep it minimal – it will go with more outfits.



The Leather Beret



Your wool beret from season’s past is feeling a bit Blair Waldorf. Give it some edge with structure. Black leather is my favorite.




The Newsboy



Last season baker’s hat is being replaced with a puffed up version reminiscent of the 70s. Think corduroy in warm, fall tones. If that’s too Saturday Night Fever for you, the the baker’s hat is still relevant, just choose a black or leather style for an updated take.



The Cowboy Hat



No, I am not kidding. The wool cowboy hat is on this season’s it list. Keep the look simple and use it as the ultimate accessory.



The Vinyl Visor or Bucket Cap



This is not for the faint of heart, but you might find yourself on the best dressed list if you dare.

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