Mad About Plaid: The Oversized Blazer is Fashion’s Uniform This Fall

Whether flipping through a mag in line at the grocery story, insta scrolling at a stop light, or online shopping at work, if you have not noticed the plaid blazer, you are legally blind and shouldn’t be doing any of the aforementioned (for more reasons than one).

Yes, shoulder pads, plaid, and oversized silhouettes can invoke suppressed imagery of bad perms and Aunt Bea’s workwear, but trust me, if there is one piece you need this season, it’s the plaid blazer. Follow my styling guide below and you’ll be putting the financial district and prep school kids to shame:

  1. SILHOUETTE: This is everything. Look for broad shoulders, boxy shape, and longline length.
  2. COLORATION: Grey is everywhere! But, I am also partial to navy. Stick with these palettes and you’ll get the most versatility.
  3.  STYLING: Pair with a matching trouser or mini skirt, but dress it down with a white tee. Classic denim is always a clutch combo, especially with a paper thin turtleneck, starchy button up, or graphic tee. An off the moment shoe finishes the look—think sock booties or a backless loafer.

If you’re still not convinced, shop my edit of the 10 best blazers for every price range below. You’ll be mad about plaid in no time.

Plaid Blazer / Graphic Tee / Denim / Sock Boot / Sunglasses





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