Khaki Comeback: The Color You Never Thought You’d Wear is Bigger Than Ever

If visions of a sales clerk, an out-of-touch tourist, or the 90s version of your parental unit come to mind when the word khaki drops, you are…sane. But, the days of equating beige to boring and khaki to tacky are behind us.

The neutral has become the new normal as designers like Balenciaga, Chloe, and Givenchy have subbed this fabric for anything from denim to the classic trench to a midi dress. What’s more, khaki has shed its rep of strictly utilitarian influence with silhouettes fit for the street style set to ladies who lunch.

There is something about the crispness of its fabrication and unexpected (lack of) color that feels fresh this season. Just make sure you choose elevated pieces, such as a luxe trouser, ruffled hemline, or belted waist, so you don’t look like you just got off your Target shift.

Shop my best of beige picks below!


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