Hair Party: Barrettes are Everywhere at Fashion Month

We are back in the golden age of Goody, my friends. I never thought I would see the day, but hair accessories are making a comeback. To be honest, I thought it was a fleeting Instagram craze at first, but fashion week attendees have crowned them the “it” accessory of the season.

Alexander Wang and Versace reminisced with claw clips and gold laden barrettes, while Ashley Williams flipped childlike bobby pins on its head with boundary breaking graphics.

Personally, I am still working through flashbacks of Clueless and my rainbow colored collection of butterfly clips. But, I will say, it is a brilliantly easy, low commitment trend to pull off (unless you want to rock Gucci’s $400 diamond encrusted barrette, of course).

Take your tousled hair and pin a few barrettes on one side to add a bit of flavor to any look. Or, do a messy, half-down-half-up look with a barrette to keep your do in place. Basically, the key is for the end result to feel effortless. Easier said than done, sure, but I have laid out the pieces to look for and more inspo photos then you could ever dream of. Because let’s be real – one bad clip placement can take you from fashion to five-year-old in a snap.

Blazer / White Tee / Denim / Boots / Earrings / Rings / SunglassesBakelite Barrettes / Pearl Bobby Pins / Gold Woven Hair Pins






Kind of like the “arm party” trend for your head. Pull back the layered section of your hair and mix and match three barrettes. Keep one uniting factor in the mix so there is a rhyme or reason behind the assortment.






These tongue in cheek clips have caught the Instagram world by storm, proving you don’t need a witty caption to make a point.








The new bobby pin is a solid point of entry to the trend. Small enough to be relevant, yet not invasive. Look for gold pins with bit of flare – pearls, graphic shapes, etc. Start with three pins that work their way around the frame of your ear on one side.

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