Fancy Pants: A Trend So Ridiculous, It’s Wearable

More is more this season, as the saying goes. From head-to-toe print that makes Elton John look tame to power sleeves so mighty an 80s prom queen would feel inferior, excess is having a hay day. Attribute it to the reign of the almighty Gucci or the antithesis of normcore from seasons’ past. Regardless, the volume, the ruffles, the color are going nowhere fast.

In the midst of this eclecticism, a trend has surfaced that brings spice in an unexpected place…the bottom of your pants. Yes, you heard right. Thigh high slits, cascading ruffles, striking asymmetry, and unapologetic volume has brought new life to the classic culotte or slack.

The best thing about these party pants, as venturous as they are, are still quite wearable (save the scoffing). They will take you from work, to happy hour, or can even be dressed up for an event. Think drama when styling. Volume over volume is a relevant silhouette, so pair these pants with a bell sleeved top, billowing off the shoulder, or ruffled crop. A blouse with some powerhouse quality will balance out the look. Keep your shoes clean and accessories minimal, as your silhouette is the attention grabber. I recommend a mule or slide.

So fancy pants, show me what you got!

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