Dirty Girl: The Dry Shampoos that will Change Your Life

Whoever invented dry shampoo should win a Nobel peace price as they have radically changed the lives of women everywhere.

Let’s break this down. The benefits to not washing your hair on the reg are endless…utter laziness, healthier hair, more volume and texture, an on-the-ready excuse to flake on sub-par men…

I can’t.

I have to wash my hair.

But, not all dry shampoos are created equal. This is serious business. There are rules to the game here. No matter how disgusting my hair was before, they must meet the following criteria:

  • No tack, no claylike texture
  • Must be able to run my hands through my hair like a Pantene Pro-V commercial
  • No powder remnants
  • Decent smell

Here are my top picks for hair that stands the test of time. So go grab a bottle—or three—and thank me later.



CAVIAR DRY SHAMPOO: Adds instant volume and leaves hair feeling like nothing is in it



OSCAR BLANDI PRONTO DRY SHAMPOO: Leaves hair feeling soft and smooth and smells like fresh lemons


LIVING PROOF DRY SHAMPOO: For those who like spray over powder. Smells clean and actually does something, unlike most sprays I’ve tried.



DRYBAR TRIPLE SEC 3-IN-1 TEXTURIZER: A must-have! The perfect addition after dry shampooing. Adds volume and texture while refreshing your dirty ass hair.


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