Denim Diversity: Your Blue Jean Babies get an Upgrade this Season

When spring rolls around, you deep clean your house, pay your taxes, reactivate your gym membership, and buy new jeans. Plain and simple. However, this season, denim is coming in all forms. A jumper, a dress, a killer denim jacket…the list goes on. Basically, denim is everywhere this season, head-to-toe.

I get it. Denim for spring?…groundbreaking, but its staying power is found in designers’ reimagining of the classics each go-around. Culottes so wide you get lost in one leg, jumpers that feel runway ready instead of first-day-of school, and jackets with patch-working that looks like it was sewn by angels.

The point of the matter is it is time to shake it up a bit; make new friends, but keep the old. I don’t think that is asking too much… so go forth and diversify that denim with my picks below.

Jean Jacket / Jumpsuit / Sandals / Sunglasses




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