Dad Jeans: The Denim Trend You Need to Know for 2018

Cool your jets, mom jeans aren’t going anywhere, but they are getting a makeover. Straight leg, ankle length 501s have dominated the fashion space for the past 2 years, from high fashion to high street. It was a category killer and I wouldn’t have it any other way, so I thought. But as of late, as I give my look a glance over before walking out the door, something has felt stale. Gasp. A word as painful as laser hair removal in the fashion world. And then it dawned on me. There is a new mom jean in town.

Dad jeans. Yes, you heard right. Mom took a much needed spa weekend, and Dad’s on duty. Blame it on the dad shoe, khaki everything, and bad baseball caps we’ve seen percolating the street style set. Their influence has finally penetrated the denim space. So, let’s talk brass tacks. What does all this mean? In laymen’s terms, your jeans are 2-4 inches too short and a size too small.

Relaxed, full-length jeans are the new it girl trademark. And for good reason. Besides feeling fresh to death, I swear they make you look taller and basically go with any shoe type from a boot, heel, to a flat. I especially love this look with a mule, sky high heel, or a boot that hugs the ankle bone—like a sock boot or 60s square heeled boot. Look for a mid to high rise fit that either just hits the top of your ankle bone or pools at the floor. Keep in mind, these aren’t meant to be skin tight, but a more languid fit. Think 90s Kate Moss.

Follow these styling tips and you’ll be dad of the year in no time.

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