Back to Black: The Jeans Your Wardrobe Is Missing

There are some subjects that people never tire of discussing – cat memes, the royal family, and denim. I don’t think I align with the general population on the first two, but I can definitely get behind on the later. Denim is the backbone to most outfits these days from the runway to the streets. Versatile, comfortable, and flattering, it’s the fabric of our lives (did I just age myself, or do you remember those commercials, too?).

The only caveat is finding the right pair. How is it that you can walk into a dressing room with your body weight in denim and only walk out with one pair…if you’re lucky? Full of joy and accomplishment, you take your jeans home only to find out they stretch out after the first wear, or the color has faded after two washes. $100 bucks and a saggy butt later, you now know who put the dung in dungaree.

I am here to end this madness once and for all. This post I am focusing on black denim, because they go with literally everything, can be dressed up or dressed down, and make you look a solid size smaller. After experimenting with everything from Madewell to Topshop to Zara and everything in between, I come bearing my top 2 black denim jeans. Take your pick.


STRETCH – Unlike my blue jeans, I like my black denim to have a bit of stretch.

COLOR – I am not talking distressed black or dark grey. Everyone needs a pair of jet black jeans in their wardrobe. The rich hue can be pulled off as a trouser for work or dressed up for a date night look.

FADE RESISTANT – Surprise or not, you are not supposed to wash your denim frequently. It degrades the fabric, stretch, and wash. For all you germaphobes out there (including myself), you can kill bacteria by putting your denim in a Ziploc bag in the freezer. Regardless, when I do wash my denim, they better not fade!

FIT – High waisted is a must for me and a snug fit to hold me in in all the right places.

LENGTH – a good skinny or straight leg should hit just above the ankle bone for the most flattering fit.





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Authentic Stretch




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