About a Boy: 90s Menswear is Fall 2017s Biggest Trend

If shoulder pads, tartan, and unfitted clothing remind you of a 90s rom-com or your Uncle Al’s closet, you’re not far off. This season, New York Fashion Week should have been titled The Comeback Kid. I was literally having illustrious visions of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan as trench coats, pant suits, and power blazers donned the runway.

I’m not going to lie though, I don’t hate it. There is something refreshing about the masculine influence on this season’s silhouettes. The oversized top coats and wide leg trousers add an air of effortlessness and ironic coolness to the look. Tibi nailed the trend by coupling the statement pieces with simple tees and sleek boots. Saint Laurent said no pants, no problem and transformed a blazer from decades’ past into a dress. Dries Van Noten paired slip dresses with quintessential trenches (that I swear I saw in Sleepless in Seattle) for a clean juxtaposition.

So I say, be a Heather or a Ross Gellar, and make those 90s days proud.

Blazer / Silk Top / White Tee / Mom Jeans / Boots / Sunglasses 




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