Who Wears Short Shorts: The Controversial Bermuda Short is Back

Remember Bermuda shorts? They came in khaki, were notoriously spotted on female golfers and gym teachers, and were most likely paired back to a running shoe.

It was sartorially scarring, I’m not going to lie. So, fashion ran in the exact opposite direction. Call it a form of post-traumatic shorts syndrome. We cut off about two feet of fabric and cheekies have been the thing for the past decade.

As much as we have loved seeing camel toe and wedgies on every sixteen to thirty year old for 10 years, the pendulum has finally swung back. The jort has returned.

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In a Cinch: 5 Ways to Wear the Belted Blazer

Friends, the oversized blazer, and suiting for that matter, is the cornerstone of fashion right now. Take one scroll on Pinterest or Instagram and you might wonder if these tech giants have stock options in Savile Row. Workwear is literally everywhere. So, the question is no longer if you are onboard (that ship sailed seasons ago), but how are you keeping your suiting fresh?

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